Where Are The Vikings From?
The Vikings are Scandinavian people, and the geography of Scandinavia differs depending on the country. Scandinavia consists of Norway, Denmark, Finland and Sweden. Due to Viking quests their culture, language and being was brought to new civilizations such as Greenland and Iceland.

Vikings ruled the sea, which made anything on the coast a target. They invaded new lands as well as old lands. "There are various theories concerning the causes of the Viking invasions. For people living along the coast, it would seem natural to seek new land by the sea." - Wikipedia

external image Geirangerfjord@Per_Eide_FjordNorway.jpg

Scandinavian Geographical Features:
  • The huge Scandinavian mountains
  • Norwegian fjords
  • Sweden's lakes formed during the ice age.
  • Flat low areas in Denmark
  • Archipelagos in Sweden

The Scandinavian mountains made it hard to utilize land for farming, while the fjords made a great location to make and harbor ships to use for fishing and war. There was a lot of hunting, gathering and fishing going on to keep the Viking families well fed. Being surrounding by the sea and having geographical features such as the Fjords and lakes in Sweden there was a lot of traveling done via water to other parts of Europe and even other continents.
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