Vikings Before Their Expansion
  • Prior to the Vikings expanding throughout Europe and other continents, they were living in villages within the 4 Scandinavian countries.

Vikings had multiple food sources even before they began expanding. Being that they were around lots of water, fishing was one of their larger sources of food. They were also hunter-gatherers, feeding on the animals of Scandinavia. Due to the fact there were so many mountains, there was not too much fertile farmland (they would soon invade the farms of other countries).

external image Viking_eating.jpg
external image viking-eating.jpg

An average male's outfit would not be too different from the clothing of a warrior. They would wear a large tunic possibly down to their knees fastened by a leather belt. Woman would wear and over and under dress, both made of wool like the male tunics. Both genders would wear brooches around the neck. The warriors would wear large iron helmets to protect their heads, along with battle dresses and a possible leather body armor. Vikings did not have any particular uniform during war time though. A lot of pictures and cartoons depict Vikings with horns on their helmets, even though it's just an image - Vikings had no horns on their helmets.

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Weaponry was a big part of the Vikings lives. "Laws of the late Viking period show that all free men were expected to own
weapons" - BBC History Weapons were not just for fighting, they represented the owner and the owner's class of wealth. The main weapons of Vikings included spears, swords, axes and sometimes bows and arrows. Vikings who could work a spear correctly gained much respect being it was one of the most deadly weapons of the Viking times as it could be thrusted or thrown (to hit far away targets).