Western Isles
Lindisfarne is in the Western Isles. Lindesfarne's monastery was home to monks and lots of silver amongst other goods. Being it was surrounded by water and relatively close to Scandinavia why would the Vikings not try their luck?

Greenland was founded by Erik The Red after his banishment from Iceland. It was only called Greenland so people would want to settle there, it was a land mostly covered in ice. Two main areas were found extremely suitable for the Viking settlement's farming along with hunting of animals.
Markland was also known as Wood Land, for a very good reason. Vikings were using long ships to make all of their voyages, but what's needed to make the long ships? Wood. Markland provided a good source of timber for Vikings to take back to Scandinavia and build long ships.


Why did the Vikings go there?
Describe the geography of this place.
What does this tell us about Viking society?
Mountains throughout the country, most Vikings living along the coastline (mountains are not suitable for farming)
Females could have important roles in the Viking age as well as males.
Western Isles
It was close and the Vikings wanted silver (which monks in Lindisfarne had)
Covered with forests(future farmland) + Coast line.
Vikings used the forests so the monks couldn't see the raid coming after they docked their ships on the shoreline of Lindisfarne.
Escaping the Norwegian king's rule.
Green landscape across the land, surrounded by water.
Vikings were living peacefully with Celtics.
Two areas were discovered that would provide sufficient farming.
Ice-capped land with a strip of mountains.
They were not only looking to hunt, but to farm as well.
Markland and Helluland
Wood is needed (to build longships), walrus ivy (amongst other nice rewards in the oceans)
Markland is forests/treeland. Helluland is rocky, glaciers (icy)
They were willing to travel to meet their societies needs. That need to travel made them the first Europeans to come to North America.

Bloom Style Questions

Remembering: Can you name the monastery in which the Vikings ruined during their first raid?
- The Lindisfarne monastery in the British Isles.
Understanding: What was the main idea of the long ship?
- To provide a stable vessel for Viking's to travel the sea with that could be made to withstand different conditions.
Application: In the year 2012 could a raid such like the one that occured in Lindisfarne occur today?
- No because there's security everywhere, and probably tight security (as well as law enforcement) on islands such as Lindisfarne, plus there's better communication so more people would know what's going on and faster.
Analyzing: What do you think happened with the ruler of France paid Vikings to leave their land?
- They realized how many goods and valuables France really had and let other Vikings know.
Evaluation: Do you think the Viking raids were a good or bad thing?
- They were both. Everybody has to live, it just depends how you live. A lot of Vikings were doing this because there weren't too many other options. Once Vikings had a little money they were known to settle and become farmers or get a similar occupation (that didn't involve violence and stealing).
Synthesis: Could you find a way to make a profit from the history of the Vikings?
- A Viking video game. A whole Viking world where everything is for the taking. It's just not Vikings vs. Civilians, it'd be Vikings vs. Vikings for full effect and damage (increase in violence/gore/graphics would increase the number of sales, good ratings amongst other necessities).