Where Are The Vikings From?
  1. What 4 current countries make up Scandinavia?
  2. Name 2 geographical features of Scandinavia.
  3. Which geographical feature made it hard for Vikings to farm?
  4. How were the Vikings feeding themselves?
  5. Out of all the geographical features of Scandinavia, which do you think benefited the Vikings the most?

Vikings Before Their Expansion
  1. Did Vikings really have horns on their helmets?
  2. What would a male Vikings regular outfit consist of?
  3. During war did the Vikings wear anything unusual?
  4. Besides fighting, what else were weapons used for?
  5. What was one of the most deadly weapons during this time?

The Long Ship
  1. Can you write in your own words what the long ships were made out of?
  2. What resource did the Vikings need an abundance of to produce these long ships?
  3. Was there a better traveling solution for Vikings at the time?
  4. There was one part of the ship that determined where it would be sailed, what part of the ship was this?
  5. Name the technique Vikings would use to shape the hull.

Sack of Lindisfarne
  1. Where was Lindisfarne?
  2. How did the Vikings reach Lindisfarne?
  3. Who was living in the Lindisfarne monastery?
  4. The Vikings were there for what reason?
  5. Why was this an important occurrence in Viking history?

Viking Exploration
  1. Name 3 places the Vikings explored.
  2. What kind of geography did Greenland consist of?
  3. Who founded Greenland?
  4. Where were the Vikings importing timber from?
  5. According to the voyage map, where was the Vikings third stop?

Viking Trade & Cultural Diffusion
  1. What were the Swedish Vikings called in the Middle East?
  2. For what reason did these Vikings end up in the Middle East?
  3. Name the city in which the Vikings did their trading.
  4. What were they trading the Arabs?
  5. If they weren't giving the coins value based on what was on it, how were they valuing them?

Famous Viking Leaders
  1. Which famous Viking leader was king of Denmark and Sweden?
  2. Erik the Red founded which settlement?
  3. How long was his settlement inhabited by Vikings for?
  4. What may have caused Leif not to return to the land he found?
  5. Do you agree with my choice on the most "important" Viking leader? Why or why not?

Viking Women
  1. Were women of the Viking era really Vikings?
  2. During this time what was the main duty of the females?
  3. What did the females wear as a sign of authority?
  4. What could a woman do if she was unsatisfied with her husband?
  5. Did women during this time have freedom?

  1. What was the original religion of the Vikings?
  2. During what year did Olav Tryggvason voyage to Norway?
  3. What were his intentions?
  4. Why do you think Leif Erikson was asked to bring Christianity to Greenland?
  5. If you were a Viking, would you have converted? Why or why not?